Your Support is Helping Women Breathe Easier

As women, we take on the weight of the world. 


And often, our needs come last. 


The same is true for women in developing countries. 


Each morning, billions of women living in poverty cook their meals over an open fire. 


The smoke is harmful to their health and the environment. The toxic fumes are equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes per day, making it one of the largest killers of women and children in the world today. 


As a company committed to uplifting women, we wanted to shine light on this important issue. 


This is why we’re proud to partner with the charity, The Adventure Project. With every purchase, you’re helping to empower women in East Africa make and sell affordable clean cookstoves to other women in their communities. Together, we’re giving thousands of women an opportunity to survive and thrive. 


The benefits of each stove are remarkable. 


Each stove:

  • Drastically reduces toxic smoke

  • Cuts a families’ charcoal needs in half (saving the family 20% of their expenses)

  • Allows women to build a sustainable business

  • Save 6 trees per year from being turned into fuel for cooking


By wearing Lightcodes, you are a reflection of the light you shine on others.

Every purchase will support a family of five with new clean cook stove. Thank you.