Through a more purposeful, softer approach to life we created clothing that reflects a more conscious way of living.

Meet some of the women that inspired healing, love, and creativity throughout this journey.



Katie Beecher

Katie is a Medical and Spiritual Intuitive who provides "eerily accurate", unique readings for people and animals all over the world. Her mission is to help as many people as possible heal, connect to their intuitions, find unconditional love and self acceptance. She has learned that with these things, health, happiness, and even miracles are possible.


Nicola Behrman

This magical portal shares a myriad of tools to bring forth your most radiant, creative, aligned and Authentic Self. These tools act as a conduit to bring forward the magic that already lives inside your Being patiently waiting to be ignited, so you can light the world from the inside out.

Pranic Healing

Meaghan McCue

Pranic healing is a form of no-touch energy healing in which the energy body, or aura, is cleansed and energized.  It is a distillation of essences of the world’s most effective energy healing modalities. This cleansing allows the life force, or prana, to flow through the mind/body system freely without obstruction.


Lisa Shannon

Lisa Shannon believes in rebuilding the skin, rather than tearing it down. With an impressive selection of non-invasive machines, medical-grade products and a pair of gifted healing hands, her careful attention makes her skin treatments truly one of a kind.


Kate Becker

Kate's Magik reiki-charged formulas are aromatic tools to help us overcome life's challenges and live each day with purpose. Kate's blends not only smell divine but serve as a powerful, therapeutic approach to healing and transformation.


Ha'vanah Star

Ha'vanah Star is a place where you can find higher dimensional tools that assist in raising and shifting your frequency to the highest and purest vibration. The Ha'vanah Star Lightcode Series are a combination of lightcodes, sacred geometry, healing light and crystals.